Trademark Law

Trade·mark noun [the]

Brand creation and development of innovative products and/or services are important key factors for the sustained development of a company. It is regarded as a symbol for its quality and represents a strong asset.

What is at issue?

You already have a trademark portfolio or start from scratch with a new trademark. An opposing party approaches you with a warning and the request to delete your mark. You have noticed that somebody uses a mark similar to your mark and you want this to be stopped.

How can freigutpartners support you?

We will assist you comprehensively in all aspects of the preliminary search, when filing the application and – if required – when defending your trademark vis-à-vis the trademark office or vis-à-vis other trademark owners. For worldwide trademark applications, search services and litigious disputes we have access to a reliable network of international IP law firms.


In addition we will, on your behalf, perform administrative monitoring of renewal deadlines and, as required, inform you of collision cases regarding your mark with confusingly similar younger marks.


Terms like marking strength, goods and services list, grace period and territorial principle are explained in this process and placed into a context relevant to you.


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