Our expertise

freigutpartners advises in all facets of intellectual property law and thus follows an integral approach to consultancy. We will check for you that the property right you desire (trademark, design or patent) is available and/or realisable, carry out legal clarification where applicable, and accompany you as the legal arm during implementation and realisation of your property rights.

Irrespective of whether this relates to the introduction of new products, services or inventions or to the further development or amendment of existing IP portfolios; we will analyse the actual situation in conjunction with you and develop solutions tailored to you and your business activity.

Our readiness, on an international level, to look after your property rights is realised in that freigutpartners maintain relations with a worldwide network of IP firms. This network allows us to operate together with our colleagues abroad within the shortest possible time, dealing on site with authorities and/or law courts.

Our experience over many years allows us to advise and represent you competently and with lasting effect in the areas of trademark, design, patent and domain law. Moreover we are ready to assist you in all matters regarding copyright and competition right as well as in license matters.