Unfair Competition Law

Com·pe·ti·tion noun [the]

The process that various companies or the like are all trying at the same time to dominate a market with their products or offerings and gain the largest shares of it is called competition. Unfair Competition is the area of law that promotes or seeks to maintain competition in the market by preventing anti-competitive behavior by companies. Unfair Competition law comprises two sub-areas: On the one hand, the Federal Act against Unfair Competition and on the other hand the Antitrust law which prevents restrictions of competition. Our advice focuses on Unfair Competition law, as this is closely related to the marketing of goods and services.

What scenarios do we encounter in competition law?

Your goods are put in a bad light on the market or the quality of your services is doubted. You are unsure whether your business conduct violates Unfair Competition law regulations in Switzerland or abroad (e.g. by misleading price comparisons or the like) and you want to protect yourself legally. Someone asserts claims against you by means of a warning notice and you would like to know whether this is legal and if you can successfully defend yourself against it.

How can freigutpartners support you in competition law issues?

As your competent partner in the complex matter of competition law, we know the legal regulations relevant to you in order to be able to develop a safe and legally sound strategy for placing your goods and services on the market. Furthermore, we represent your interests in the event that your goods and services are adversely affected by unfair practices of third parties by means of advice or by representation before the Swiss Federal Commission on Fair Trading or before all civil and criminal courts in Switzerland. If the case takes place abroad, we involve a competent lawyer colleague from our worldwide network.

Our experts for Competition Law

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