Patent Law

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A patent is an industrial property right granted by the state that covers a technical invention and protects the resulting innovation. Both products and novel or improved technical processes can be patented. The process for granting a patent, the requirements for the subject matter of the invention, and the scope of the patentee’s exclusive rights may vary from country to country, depending on national laws and international agreements. As a principle – apart from the (European) Unitary Patent available since 01 June 2023 – patents take effect nationally, in each country in which an IP right exists, on its own. Patents offer a significant competitive advantage. Depending on the industry and the individual situation of the inventor or patent applicant or patent owner, different strategies for patent protection may be appropriate. We will be happy to advise you.

What scenarios do we encounter in Patent Law?

You have developed something and would like to have this innovation legally protected or patented in Switzerland or abroad. A third party uses your patented invention in a product or process and sells it, so you want to stop their business practices immediately. You already own a valid patent and would like to grant one or more licenses for the use of your invention and secure this legally.

How can freigutpartners support you in filing, enforcing or defending a patent?

We first assess the patentability of your invention and accompany you on the way to a granted patent in a legally secure manner. This includes, among other things, the preparation and filing of applications and the conduct of examination and opposition proceedings, as well as the maintenance and administrative management of existing patent rights in Switzerland and abroad. Representation in nullity and infringement cases is also a matter of course for us, whereby we resolutely represent your patent and stand up for your rights. For worldwide patent applications, search services and contentious disputes, we rely on a reliable network of international patent law firms. As your patent attorneys, we draft and negotiate any licensing agreements in close consultation with you, review them and represent your interests in the field of patent law vis-à-vis third parties.

We are happy to train and sensitize your employees on how to deal with potentially patentable innovations.

Our patent attorneys

Please contact us for a non-binding consultation. Our patent attorneys are available at our offices in Baden and Zurich, but will also be happy to meet you on request at our premises in Bern or at your domicile.