Domain Law

Do·main noun [the]

A logical subnetwork in an international network (Internet) that is addressed via a specific domain name. The Internet is not a legal vacuum. Just as in Trademark or Patent law, similarities to existing property rights are undesirable on the World Wide Web and can lead to complicated disputes.

What scenarios do we encounter with domain names?

You would like to register one or more domain names and have it legally clarified in advance whether this is possible without any problems? Although your domain name has been properly registered, a third party comes and asks you to cancel your domain name? Someone has registered a domain name that contains your protected trademark in Switzerland or abroad and you would like to have it checked whether this is legally permissible and whether you can take action against it?

You want to register a domain name? freigutpartners can support you.

With our expertise in Trademark law, we can also provide you with optimal advice on domain name issues. The most important principle is the priority principle, i.e. first come, first served. Nevertheless, caution is advisable, because when registering a domain name, it can quickly happen that – even though the domain name is not registered – the trademarks of third parties are infringed and you can get into legal trouble as a result. Domain names can also infringe on company names and civil names. In order to avoid legal disputes, it is therefore advisable to do research in advance, both in Switzerland and abroad.

As your competent partner in the field of Domain Name law, we check the legal situation in advance and develop appropriate recommendations for action. In addition, we have experience in dispute resolution proceedings before the relevant institutions in cases of collision and can effectively represent your rights here as well. This is especially true if decisions have already been made by dispute resolution authorities and the proceedings must be continued before a civil court.

Our experts for Domain Law

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