Art Law

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Art exists when a work is the result of a creative design in which an artist expresses her impressions, experiences, and feelings. The object of art communiates these expressions and feelings visually and aurally to viewers and listeners. Contrary to Shakespeare’s saying, however, the rights involved exist not merely in the eye of the beholder; there are numerous legal aspects and laws that must be taken into account. Compared to other fields of law, however, Art law is not a clearly defined and independent discipline. It contains influences from various fields of law and is correspondingly dependent on the legal issues that arise in relation to the respective object of art.


What scenarios do we encounter in the field of art law?

You are an artist, an art collector or the operator of a gallery or museum and you have legal questions that concern you. These may, for example, be questions about the contractual handling of a purchase of an art object, questions about an artist’s copyright or questions about contractual relationships between dealers, artists, collectors and/or museums. Public law issues, which are usually bureaucratic in nature, in connection with art on buildings and licensing procedures for the installation of works of art are also part of art law, as are, for example, insurance coverage for the loan of works or the public use of musical works.

How can freigutpartners support you in the area of art law?

For you as an art dealer, collector, museum, public institution, gallery owner or artist, we offer comprehensive legal advice and support that always keeps the actual art in mind. As your lawyers for art law, we help you in the area of the interface between art and law, advise and support you in a current or future purchase, loan or transport contract and support you in the complex inventory of works or entire art collections through a specially developed software. If necessary, we also enforce interests before civil and criminal courts.

Our experts for Art Law

Please feel free to contact us for a non-binding consultation. Our lawyers for Art law are at your disposal in our offices in Bern and Zurich.