Trademark Law

Trade·mark noun [the]

The trademark as a distinctive sign for innovative products and services. It is one of the important key factors for sustainable business development. The trademark is applied to your company’s products as a sign of origin and quality. A good trademark lives from its image and recognition value; it represents an invaluable asset for every company. By registering a trademark in Switzerland or abroad (either through an international trademark or a registration abroad), you will obtain an exclusive right that entitles only you to use this particular trademark.

What scenarios do we encounter in Trademark Law?

You already have a protected trademark, an extensive trademark portfolio or you are just starting out, intending to protect a new trademark. An opposing party or their attorney approaches you with a warning letter and asks you to cancel your registered trademark. You have noticed during your trademark search that someone is using a confusingly similar trademark in Switzerland or abroad and you would like to have a closer look to see if you can have this behaviour prohibited.

Terms such as distinctiveness, list of goods and services, grace period and territoriality principle are explained in this process and put into the context that is relevant for you.

How can freigutpartners support you in protecting your trademark?

We provide you with comprehensive support in preliminary legal clarifications, trademark searches, trademark registration in Switzerland and abroad, and – if necessary – in enforcing your trademark at the registration stage against the trademark office or against infringers of your trademark before trademark offices and civil and criminal courts. For worldwide concerns in the field of trademark protection, trademark applications, search services and contentious disputes, we are able to rely on a network of leading law firms in the field of intellectual property law.

As your trademark attorneys, we take care of the administrative monitoring of renewal periods and, if necessary, notify you of conflicts concerning your trademarks with confusingly similar trademarks.

Our experts for Trademark Law

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