Patent Law

Patent noun [the]

A patent is a commercial property right granted by the state, the subject of which is an invention in respect of a technical problem.

What is at issue?

You have developed something and want to protect this invention legally. A third party uses your patented invention and sells it and you want to stop him from doing so. You intend to grant a licence and want to legally safeguard this.

How can freigutpartners support you?

We will initially assess the patentability of your invention and accompany you as the legal arm in the process of patenting it. This includes the preparation and submission of applications as well as the execution of examination and opposition processes, and furthermore the maintenance and administrative management of existing patent rights.


It goes without saying that we can also represent you in nullification and infringement cases. As regards worldwide patent applications, search services and litigious disputes we have access to a reliable network of international patent attorneys.


Licence agreements, if any, are drafted in close discussions with you, we will examine them and represent your interests in relation to third parties.


Please contact us to arrange a meeting.