Domain Law

Do·main noun [the]

A logical partial network in an international network (internet), which is addressed by a certain domain name. 

What is at issue?

You intend to register a domain, but before doing so, you need legal clarification as to whether this might cause problems. Although your domain was properly registered, a third party appears with the request to delete the domain again.

How can freigutpartners support you?

Given our expertise in trademark law, we are able to advise you as regards questions pertaining to domain law. Most important in domain law is the priority principle, i.e. first come, first serve. All the same, it is wise to be cautious because, even if the domain is not occupied, it can easily happen that the trademark rights of others are violated, getting you into legal difficulties.


We are able to check the legal picture beforehand and work out recommendations for action for you. In addition, in case of collision cases, we have experience in dispute settlement procedures with respective institutions and are well positioned to act on your behalf.


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