Design Law

De·sign noun [the]

The appearance of a product or a part thereof, which in particular results from the characteristics of its lines, contours, colours, its shape, surface texture and/or the materials of the product itself and/or its decoration.

What is at issue?

Your designs play an important role in the competitiveness of your company. You want to legally protect the design you have created. Somebody makes use of one of your designs without being authorised, and you want to take action against him.

How can freigutpartners support you?

We begin by checking whether your design is eligible for protection; in order to protect it, it must be novel and possess a particular characteristic. If this is the case, we will advise you on the procedure of the application itself and the formalities involved.


In case there is a conflict with other confusingly similar designs we will inform you on the options you have in protecting and defending your design.


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