Art Law

Artist noun [the]

Art is the presenting when the work is formed in a result of a free creative design, in which the artist brings his impressions, experiences and sensations to visualize its view and which is directed towards a communication of a meaning to the outside world.

What is at issue?

You are an artist, art collector or operator of a gallery or a museum and have legal questions, for example about the copyright of an artist or would like to have examined contractual relationships between art dealers, artists, art collectors and/or museums. Public law issues such as art in construction and licensing procedures for the installation of art works are also part of art law or you have inquiries regarding insurances which cover for loans and any rights of use.

How can freigutpartners support you?

For you as an art dealer, collector, museum, public institution, gallery owner or an artist, we offer comprehensive legal support that always keeps an eye on the art. We help you in the area of the interface between art and law, advise you on existing or to be drawn up purchase, loan and transport contracts and support you in the inventory of works or entire art collections by means of an individual developed software from us.

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